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Image Consulting

Everyone… who wishes to portray their unique authentic self to the world and help them perceive it in the similar manner. Image consultants are experienced in working with an array of people and professions.

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Coaching is a creative partnership with your client, focusing on designing and implementing specific, meaningful changes in your client’s personal and/or professional life. It’s a very powerful tool of communication. When used effectively and appropriately, it raises your awareness;


Workshops/ Seminars/ Trainings/ Motivational Talks : We offer the above group of services for corporates and events in numbers ranging from groups of 4 to 500 audience on topics relate to Image consulting , wellness, intercultural competence, leadership and Emotional and spiritual intelligence in personal and professional life

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ASIL means - Noble, Dignified, Pure

The key to happiness and success is a harmonious living – with yourself first and then your surroundings. ASIL helps people gain clarity, perspective, positive outlook, action oriented approach and a self-confidence for a joyful living, both personally and professionally. We provide these services through an appropriate blend of ancient wisdom, scientific temperament and modern tools in a simplified understandable practical doable process.

We help you discover and present your “best” for personal and professional success.

About Me


Priyanka Kumar

A Coach , Image Consultant & Speaker

I am a Coach , Image consultant , Speaker; I bring about positive, permanent and measureable results for organizations as well as individuals by using world proven techniques and methodologies like NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Whole brain thinking, Power of subconscious mind, International scale for dressing and much more.


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Asil Academy Methodology


Contact me to begin with the Analysis of your profile.


Create awareness about the needs as a resultant to the analysis of the profile.


Setup the counseling date and time to proceed with the steps towards a better future.


Provide solutions as a part of the counseling.


Providing support to implement the solutions provided.


Setting up followup meetings to discuss and achieve the goals.

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Priyanka Kumar is a Coach, Image Consultant, Speaker. She has more than a decade of experience with world renowned airlines, such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as Senior Cabin Crew on international flights, with specific responsibility for safety, security and customer service.
She coaches individuals and teams, mostly professionals . Her services cover all aspects of coaching & image consulting to help you reach your personal & business goals.

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Successful Stories

Priyanka Kumar of ASIL has very skillfully helped in grooming my overall personality. She has ably guided me in hair styling and choice of colour shades that enhance my skin tone. With her keen perception and patient guidance I have improved my overall looks and increased my self confidence. I wish her well in her future endeavours.

Brinda Upadhyay, Mumbai

I consider the approach for grooming more holistic and useful wherein the attempt is to fine-tune your goal, accordingly the thought process and portray a distinguished and directed inner self to the outside world.

Unmesh Lohite – Mumbai

I write this in my capacity of a global acting division of a German Company and in my capacity as head of the supervisory Board of our subsidiary in Mumbai, India.
When Priyanka Kumar joint our subsidiary as head of HR the organisation was quite young and had just to overcome a change in the position of our managing director. Due to Priyanka’s professional approach she stabilised the organisation and in doing so supported our MD from the start with the development of our organization. Because of her very considered way in running the HR function she was accepted by all team members. Because of this she could coach our people in developing themselves and with this our business.

Due to her international experience she helped to bridge the cultural gaps between Germany and India and helped us to establish our sales excellence and customer team excellence developments with the necessary local approach.
Bridging cultures, developing people and in doing so the organisation, supporting the management with very considerate recommendations, trying new approaches in organisational development is Priyanka Kumar’s strength.

Arno Von der Eltz, Germany

We always pay attention to our work and strive to be the best at our workplace but we always neglect ‘’other important’’ factors which are crucial in a multi-cultural environment; I realized this in my current profile wherein I am meeting the “C level executives” of corporates across the globe but finding it difficult to make an “impact”. Even though I am good at work I was not able to project the right image of my true self or of the company and that’s when I was introduced with Priyanka to help me combat these “very important” issues.

Priyanka, in a very subtle way, brought about the changes in my personal and professional life. She has a rational approach as to how one should behave, talk, dress up, eat and conduct oneself in a multi-cultural environment to project the right image of the company in front of the client and it worked wonders for me. She has about 10-12 very intellectually and carefully designed sessions which she conducts practically using props and by giving real life examples. I am a changed professional now with Priyanka’s help and more importantly she doesn’t force anything on you but her modus operandi is such that you are bound to imbibe the learnings automatically. I recommend Priyanka’s session for anyone in middle and above management in a multi-cultural environment. – Sachin.

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